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The Vibe at each Scrambl’z is a unique experience.

The Experience

Picture your normal neighborhood restaurant: boring surroundings of bland walls filled with catalog paintings, orange juice from a factory, grated potatoes out of the freezer and minimal chatter between guests. Your food arrives, your palate says yep, food's decent and then your belly says you’re full. So you pick up your toothpick as pay your bill and carry on with your day. We call this the "Generic Zone".

Now enter the "Scramb’lz Zone". Bright, colorful décor, inspirational quotes and unusual items displayed on the walls, the aroma of fresh oranges being squeezed, enticing sweet & savory smells coming from the kitchen known for making everything from scratch and the overall energy coming from the guests is heightened and makes it a fun place to start your day. There's nothing generic about this place - this is unmistakably the zone we create in each of our restaurants. 

Why Scrambl’z

  • Unique and Fun Design
  • Only 1-2% License Fees
  • 7 Hour Per Day Operation
  • Proven Concept
  • No High-Franchise Fees
  • Highly Profitable
  • Territorial Rights
  • Turn Key Opportunity

What We Do

Scrambl’z is a full service breakfast restaurant serving a unique menu with an unusual décor. We are offering license agreements to people who want to operate their own restaurant without the control of a Franchise. License fees are as low as 1% and no higher than 2%. Imagine limited operating hours of 7 AM - 2 PM daily with sales volumes that can exceed $2 million per year.

Our team can assist you in securing the right site. We only focus on second generation locations that have previously been restaurants as these offer the best opportunity to open quickly and are the most cost effective. Our goal is to keep the total cost of opening under $300k.

We will provide you with everything you need to open your business. This includes:

  • Menu
  • Recipes
  • Inventory List
  • Equipment package
  • Dining Area Props
  • Menu
  • Operations Menu
  • Vendor Relations

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Scrambl'z Almaden
Scrambl'z Alameda


San Jose
5055 Almaden Expy

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San Jose
1205 The Alameda

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Scrambl'z locations are independently owned with full support.

Visit Our Restaurants

Scrambl'z Almaden
Scrambl'z Alameda


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